Spring Wardrobe Staples: Levi's Mac

This spring I'll pretty much have this outfit on repeat. Despite being a fashion buyer my personal style is fairly classic so this will be my go to for the next few months.

Levi's Mac

I was so happy when I found this mac, it's super light and I know I'm going to find it really useful in my wardrobe whilst the weather's so changeable. Living by the sea means the weather swings wildly from 'named storm' territory to a Caribbean Dream World in the blink of an eye. You basically have to be prepared for anything. 

Levi's Mac

It's the perfect shade and a good shape to wear with all of my spring favourites. The loafers were a value buy from ASOS whilst I save up for the Gucci versions, I'm starting a new business so they aren't really an option for me at the moment! 

Levi's Mac

Mac: Levi's

Jeans: Weekday

Shoes: ASOS