My shoot with Olivia Bossert

Last weekend I did my first 'proper' shoot with a photographer.  A shoot that didn't involve coercing a willing (or unwilling!) friend to take some pics of me. Despite constantly putting my pics up here and on Insta I'm actually quite shy about all of this stuff so I got really nervous about it beforehand. Like always, I overcompensated by prepping and organising myself to the nth degree the day before. I even found myself ironing my jeans (a big no-no in my book). 

It was weird for me at first but Olivia Bossert was so lovely that I felt much more at ease after a few minutes of chatting. As well as being super friendly she used all of her skill and expertise to coax some gorgeous pics out of me in a short space of time. It was fab working with someone, like Olivia, that 'gets it'. She knew all of the blogger tricks; like getting me to walk in long strides to give the illusion of longer legs (see below for the results!).

I can't wait to work with her again and thankfully she lives fairly close by. She's a local photographer that settled in Cornwall after studying fashion photography at Falmouth. She now works with many of the brands and bloggers in these parts, as well as big retailers like Joules and White Stuff so I feel very lucky to have started working with her.


Photo by  Olivia Bossert   Coat from  New Look

Photo by Olivia Bossert

Coat from New Look

Photo by  Olivia Bossert   @oliviabossert   Coat from  ASOS