My skills and areas of expertise help businesses at each stage of the process.

I'm an expert in fashion buying and the retail industry, with a particular focus on sustainable and ethical womenswear. My skills and experience help businesses at each stage of the development process; from initial development to getting the right products to market at the right time. 

I assist businesses of all sizes to reach their goals, giving expert advice and assisting at every stage of the product life cycle. My role is to help businesses be more profitable, be ahead of their competition and to exceed their customers expectations.

A section of a trend board I created for a brand that needed some initial inspiration for a new casual capsule collection.

A section of a trend board I created for a brand that needed some initial inspiration for a new casual capsule collection.

Part of a mood board I created for a brand that are moving into the lounge wear sector

Part of a mood board I created for a brand that are moving into the lounge wear sector



I advise brands on current trends by creating mood boards and reports based on my analysis of the market place. I look at competitors, street style, social media trends and catwalks to identify overall shifts in the market, new fabrics, shapes and trims.

I carry out trend research trips regularly, creating trend reports that keep my knowledge of emerging trends up to date. I can advise your brand on current and future trends and complete research specifically for you.



I create strategies for new brands, helping them identify their market. I use my knowledge of the market and future trends to develop first concepts, creating initial mood boards for a range or the start of a brand.

I also help established brands grow and maintain their market share, help potentialise sales and keep ahead of the competition.



I analyse sales history, emerging trends and developments in the market to develop profitable ranges that exceed customers expectations.

I help to identify missed and new trading opportunities and balance ranges so they meet budgets and exceed planned margins.

I help brands pitch their pricing by creating price architectures that reflect their quality levels and their place in the market. 

I plan for outfitting and visual merchandising requirements by agreeing the shape of the chain for each store size, wholesale and online



I have extensive experience working on sourcing and supply strategies, I work with a variety of suppliers across all sectors, in both Asia and Europe.

I have expertise in sourcing new suppliers who offer the level of quality, value and design required in their sector. 

I have travelled the world sourcing sustainable new suppliers, building relationships and assessing factories. I use this experience to advise brands on best practice and visiting factories for assessment on their behalf.



I assist in making businesses more profitable by negotiating on their behalf, advising on how to work towards a budget and designing products to fit a specified price. 

I am a skilled negotiator, taking into account the importance of maintaining quality, standards and supplier relationships with the need to improve margins. 



In my experience, a brand is most successful and profitable when it has a working critical path that is accurate and effective in getting products to market at the right time.

I create workable critical paths and offer assistance in getting products in place and ready to sell when they are needed. 



I create outfits which can be used in look books, to sell at wholesale and internally for space planning in stores and online. 

Get in touch to discuss how I can help your brand market and display it's range in the most visually effective way possible.



I establish buying departments in businesses, helping them work towards more effective and profitable ways of working. 

I am experienced in building buying departments from the ground up. This is one of the most challenging and rewarding aspects of my role.