I see these guides as my 'ready to wear' collection!


In this set of guides, I give you the insight you need to grow your fashion brand and to utilise the skills and experience I've gained as a fashion buyer for brands including Next, Topshop and New Look.


They'll sit alongside my consultancy work and cover the essentials in topics like wholesaling, managing the critical path, range planning and social media for fashion brands.


Find out more about my experience as a buyer in retail here  â†’


My clients often have a lot of questions when I first start working with them in this area of their business. Some of the most common questions are:

  • How do you stop stores from ignoring your emails?

  • How do you get their contact details?

  • What are the right wholesale prices?

  • What's the right time of year to sell?

  • Should I go to trade shows? How do I stand out?

This 80 page, in depth, guide and the accompanying spreadsheet of high-quality contacts (with details of 300 stores) will help answer these questions and more! Follow the below links for more details. 


My Buying Essentials Guide #1

This is the first in my series of buying essentials; guides to the ways of working and methods that work for retail brands.

Does buying feel like a bit of a minefield? Do things just crop up and you don't feel quite ready for them? Do you feel like you spend most of your day firefighting and learning on the job? 

Buying Essentials #1 covers:

  • The industry standards for cost prices

  • Range planning

  • Management of the critical path

  • The buying calendar.

It also includes a template for a working critical path and a buying calendar which can easily be adapted for your brand. 

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